General Plumbing

Thanet Plumbing Canterbury Kent. For all your local plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance

Central Heating

Thanet Plumbing Canterbury Kent. For all your local heating installations, repairs and maintenance

Gas Safe

Thanet Plumbing Canterbury Kent. Fully qualified Gas Safe boiler engineers reg. no. 532283e


Thanet Plumbing Canterbury Kent. For all your local bathroom, shower and wetroom installations, repairs and maintenance

Thanet Plumbing, Canterbury Kent, for general plumbing, tap replacement, washing machine and dishwasher installationGuarantee & Level of Service

Due to the confidence which we have in the work we carry out for our customers, we are happy to guarantee all materials and labour.

Inevitably, problems do occasionally occur, either during a job or following completion. In any such event, we encourage our customers to tell us about it as soon as possible. In our eyes, it's your right and your problem will be dealt with as a priority - so don't hold back!

Our guarantee: (subject to misuse policy)

  • All materials carry a 12 month guarantee
  • All appliances have a full manufacturer's for 12 months or longer
  • All labour has a 12 month money-back guarantee

If you wake up in the middle of the night, and hear water running, there's no need to panic, help is just a few minutes away!

Simply ring 01843 610260 and a qualified plumber will on his/her way to you within minutes of your call.